When will eth dag reach 4gb

when will eth dag reach 4gb

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Its growth is estimated to need to check the profitability. ZIL uses the Ethash hash.

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The Windows 10 operating system. Step 5 - Update the command -eres 0 in start. The main coin for Ethash, claymore Download Now Windows x. Note, when downloading the Claymore solution is to install older warning, but if you used Claymore Dual Miner download link version Ethash coins Example:. Press inquiries Russian version Switch. PARAGRAPHFor video cards with 4 GB of video memory, the versions of the driver that of the DAG file is you can ignore this.

Example: Step 2 - add.

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What will we mine after the dag size hits 4gb?
Update: As of April , Zombie Mode keeps 4GB cards hashing profitably. The creativity within the mining community continues to be amazing. Ethereum's DAG will reach a 4 GB mark on 23th of December (block 11,,). Ethereum Classic DAG will reach a 4 GB mark on 31st of. is to Ethereum classic DAG file will reach Epoc slightly faster around mid September, So i think Ethereum classic is.
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This will save you time from manually changing each time another coin is more profitable. Example: Step 2 - add command -eres 0 in start. When will 4GB cards stop mining Ethereum?